The term ‘viral’ is so old-hat that it’s not only out of fashion, it’s nigh-on impossible to achieve so our next entry in our Social Media Trends of 2015 may surprise a few. But fear not, it’s here for a reason and that’s mainly down to the fact that video, after years of trying, is finally beginning to have value. Something that will continue to flourish throughout 2015 and beyond. So, the fifth in our series of Social Media Trends for 2015: Video Content.

Throughout this series we hope to highlight the practices, techniques and platforms that we see taking off throughout the year – each of them another rung on the ever-evolving ladder of social media innovation.

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5) Video content

Video content has been around since the dawn of the internet. The fact is though, we’ve rarely had any idea what to do with it. When YouTube launched there was a rush to make sure that every company had a corporate video – demonstrating the values and beliefs of the organisation but even then, the only real objective was to populate the website. When social media burst on to the scene there was suddenly a new place for us to put the video but it was quickly pointed out that as professional as it was, nobody really cared. Existing video content was too grey, too corporate and too dull. This didn’t set a particularly good benchmark when it came to ROI. We spent £XX thousand on this video and what did we get back? 3 likes. And what are they even worth? So when we all finally realised that video for social needed to be tailored for the social media audience, and that it needed investment to make sure it was watchable… and that it would need paid promotion if it were to reach new audiences… there wasn’t exactly much budget to work with to help us pull off the mythical viral we all dreamed of (and apologies for using the word viral – as we of course all know, viral no longer exists).

But time has been kind. Not only has paid promotion become more targeted, effectiveness tracking has become more feasible and production costs have come down considerably. Good quality content can be filmed on anything from smartphones, to 7Ds to webcams – just as long as the subject is considered, well scripted and appropriate for the brand in question. There are storyboarding apps which allow us to create video to template, following each stage like a children’s colouring book. Other platforms allow the coordination and collation of specific footage via smartphone while ‘professional’ filming and editing can also be less expensive as high quality equipment has become more accessible.

Couple that with the realisation of lifestyle content and brand messaging, not to mention video-sharing apps like Vine and Instagram Video and the future of video as a medium looks incredibly rosy. Long-form brand video such as the above provides the perfect platform to showcase the deep-rooted values of your brand. Demonstrating the passions and reasoning behind the core principles of your brand allow consumers to engage on an emotional and sympathetic level that gains their trust and loyalty for a long time to come.

Photo via Bill Rice/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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