Global social media strategy for Hakkasan

Hakkasan’s global brand has seen unprecedented international growth in a short space of time. The brand’s resulting popularity meant lead to an enormous number of people mentioning Hakkasan on their social profiles. This meant that regional restaurants often found people checking-in via Facebook or Foursquare to newly created listings rather than people tagging themselves with the existing, and correctly listed, details of the restaurant. Such is the love for the brand that across the world individuals often wither mentioned Hakkasan in their biography as a favoured restaurant or pass-time, or even went so far as to use the brand logo for their profile picture.

Digital Hybrid was asked to help define the social landscape for Hakkasan across all platforms and to provide an overarching strategy that would enable a coordinated approach to content marketing via social media.

In order to establish which channels should be kept and which should be tackled separately, Digital Hybrid carried out a comprehensive audit of all social media accounts mentioning Hakkasan. This included individual profiles, pages, check-ins, groups – all types of account across all available social networks. These included: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Foursquare, Google+, YouTube, Tumblr, and even Chinese platforms, Weibo and RenRen.

A clear understanding of current user-groups allowed us to determine an over-arching social media strategy; who should be active, who should be encouraged and how we could approach each group to start working as part of a more coordinated operation. As our core user-groups emerged, recommendations were made as to the best way for these groups of social users to interact with each other. Perhaps most importantly, the tone and type of content was outlined for each group of users, providing a clear direction for the type of posts which would be most suitable across any given platform.

Since completion, Hakkasan’s in-house team have embarked on a programme of regular, high quality, brand-lead content. This is both published and promoted across the full network of official branded accounts, ensuring that from here on in, their unique and alluring style is able to delight audiences just as much as their exquisite cuisine.