So Digital Hybrid, what’s that all about?
Well without getting too Ronseal-ly about it, the company was set up to become a hybrid of digital marketing techniques. Specifically, with over eight years in the communications industry it became clear that traditional silos of above and below the line were being exposed. They were slow to realise the potential of social media and as a result, slow to learn social as Social. Instead, they learnt social as a form of whichever discipline they happened to exist in, something which seemed to cause no end of problems in terms of output quality and the overall effectiveness of campaigns.

There are very few consultancies offering pure social advice.
As brands and marketing teams across the world grapple to integrate social media in to their own activities, it’s often the case that the best advice they can hope for will be how to advertise through social or how to use social for PR purposes. Yes, social has incredible targeting capabilities so it’s perfect for advertising. Yes, social is more often than not where a story breaks, and yes – all the best journalists hang out on twitter. But social is one area of activity, not two. And to do either of those things in a way which engages the social audience and delivers practical, tangible results to the business, a fundamental understanding of social audiences is required. The content they appreciate and the development of strategies to mesh wider digital comms in to a coherent campaign have become crucial.

Digital Hybrid was set up to offer an unbiased social media consultancy – one which can cherry pick best-practice from all disciplines and focus on how social media should best contribute to business objectives as a whole.
We offer straightforward consultancy, from audits to strategy, creative content to planning and execution, management of social media communities to managing social media ad campaigns. If you want to use social media to your brand’s advantage, we’ll identify the process and work through the stages until you achieve your goals.

Get in touch if you have any questions – we’re always happy to have a chat!

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